“Barrister’s Book Shop has been very happy with the credit card processing program handled by RCSC as a member benefit of VRGA. We have been using the program for 13 years and have had no issues that have not been quickly resolved. The service is great!”

Amy McDowell
Barrister’s Book Shop
South Royalton, VT

“Our credit card terminals ran well on our digital telephone lines for years-until one day they didn’t. It started with an AP dupe or a declined card every once in a while, then batches would occasionally fail. We assumed our terminals needed to be reprogrammed and then upgraded, so we did that… they ran well for a while and the same issues would start again. This became incredibly frustrating to the staff and the cardholders. We would spend hours on the phone trying to troubleshoot the issues and to make sure our clients were charged correctly. We had the internet at our practice, so Nicholl recommended we switch from the phone lines to an IP connection. The switch was as easy as getting a new cable and pressing a few buttons and I wish we’d done is sooner! The processing time is so much faster and we haven’t had a single issue since the day we pulled the phone cord.”

Donna Pontrelli
Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital
Franklin Lakes, NJ

“I have been with RCSC for two years now. I am a small business and previously had a local representative handling my credit card services. I had met him in person, he would come to my shop when needed and was always accessible by phone. I was very hesitant to switch to a company that was far away. I took the leap and am very glad that I did. The rates are lower and the support system has been flawless. I have always been able to speak to Nicholl or Michele and get my issues resolved. I have no regrets and highly recommend them.”

Michelle Moulin
Michelle’s Gourmet Pastries & Deli, Inc.
Manchester, NH

“We have been very satisfied with the program since we joined 16 years ago. We’re happy with our rates and the prices of equipment are very reasonable. And the customer service is always very reliable.”

Catoctin Veterinary Clinic
Thurmont, MD

“I’m very pleased with the program. I was dreading upgrading to a chip card reader because ¾ of the businesses in my area won’t accept chip cards. The system update worked smoothly and we are up and running taking chip cards. I don’t know why other chip machines aren’t working because mine is just fine. I’m not a high tech person but I am glad to have improved security and being able to accept chip cards makes my customers happy.”

Dr. Todd Browning
Riverbrook Animal & Eye Clinic
Eugene, OR

“My husband and I have owned a retail art gallery in Coastal Maine for 20 years. During that time, we have had four or five different credit card processors, each promising a better rate than the former. Once they sold us their processing, we never heard from them again. The sales people are not support staff and offer no further assistance with issues or problems, and I also question whether we ever saved a dime.

A few years ago, I followed up on a recommendation from the Retail Association of Maine and contacted RCSC. What a small business needs most in a credit card processor is excellent customer service from helpful, knowledgeable professionals. That is exactly what I found in Michele Coons and Nicholl Bautochka. They walked me through the transitioning process, have promptly answered each and every question I have had over the years, and held my hand through PCI compliance. About twice a week, I take calls from folks soliciting our credit card processing business. My standard line is, “I’m very happy with my processor, and I wouldn’t think of changing.”

Susan Robertson-Starr
Bayview Gallery
Brunswick, ME

“We can count on excellent customer service from the staff. I like the fact that when I have an issue, I call right away and am not put on hold; they always help right away. I’m very happy that whenever I need them, they’re there.”

Catherine Sullivan
Beebe Veterinary Hospital
Beebe, AR

“Our equipment works very well and any time I have an issue I am given excellent customer service working through the issue. I would recommend the program without hesitation.”

Julie Mach
Rupert Veterinary Clinic
Rupert, VT

“I’ve never had any problems since joining the processing program and any issues I’ve had have been resolved very quickly; which is saying a lot from a person in my position.”

Dr. Jeff Allen Pelton
Four Hooves Veterinary Clinic
Eugene, OR
(Processing with RCSC since 2007)

“We have been a member of the program for years. We have been very satisfied with the service and the staff is very helpful. Other companies call about our processing but we see no reason to change since we are getting such great service.”

Clifton Dog and Cat Hospital
Clifton, NJ
(Processing with RCSC since 1996)

“I have wanted to provide credit card services to my clients for years, but was afraid of all the complexities. I also thought my private career counseling practice was too small to afford it. When I met Michele from RCSC at a Chamber of Commerce seminar, I knew I found someone that would help me act. She held my hand and walked me through the process. It was so ridiculously easy that I only regret I had not done it three years earlier! If I have any questions, she is right there for me.”

Dr. Tom Denham
Careers in Transition, LLC
Albany, NY

“I’ve been a member of NH Retail (formerly Retail Merchants Association) for over 20 years. Soon after I joined I took advantage of some of their member benefits, one of which was their credit card processing program. It is definitely a money-saver. Several times I have had other processors try to beat their pricing, but they could not. About five years ago I actually switched to a larger company and within a month knew it was a mistake. They graciously took me back. Their customer service is second to none. Michele is always available and will talk you through any of the many processes involved in accepting credit cards. They are the best!”

Jan Jurta
Country Braid House
Tilton, NH
(Processing with RCSC since 2005)

Here’s a story from a veterinarian who left the RCSC program only to return a few months later:

“I get lots of sales calls for credit card processing and I usually ignore them, but this company was referred to me by my bank. I trust my bank and so allowed this processor to do a saving analysis. Sure enough, they were able to save me quite a bit so I left the RCSC program for this competitor. What a mistake! Within the first month I started to see odd fees on my statement. I eventually asked to see a copy of my completed application and this company had added charges I never agreed to. After getting my contract termination fee waived, I called Michele at RCSC and had her reactivate my account. RCSC is endorsed by my state veterinary association and I’ve been happy ever since I returned. I have no reason to look elsewhere.”

Dr. Charles Dolin
Essex Animal Hospital
Bloomfield, NJ

“I bought the business from my mom and while we were transitioning a sales rep from a credit card processing company came in and gave me a quote. I showed the quote to Michele at RCSC who had handled my mom’s credit card processing since 2009. After reviewing the quote Michele advised me on questions to bring back to the sales rep. The answers seemed to make sense but when I told Michele what he said she told me to have him put it in writing. When I called back he said he needed to talk to “the mother ship” and I never heard from him again. Being new to the small buisness world it was so helpful to have a professional to talk to and answer questions that I didn’t even know to ask. Michele had my best interests in mind the entire time.”

Sarah Jurta
Country Braid House
Tilton, NH

Testimonials from our Partner Organizations


“For more than 10 years RCSC’s credit card processing program has proved to be a great added benefit of membership in ArVMA. I’m not aware of another processor who reviews each customer’s statement periodically to guard against errors or unknown charges like RCSC does. It’s rare to find a company like RCSC that goes out of their way to protect your members.”

Maggie Milligan – Executive Director
Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association

“Processing credit card transactions has never been easier since changing to RCSC. Located right in Albany, their experts quickly resolved our problems and even came to our office when needed. Their response time to any issue has been consistently prompt. I know I can count on RCSC’s service.”

Deb Collett – Senior Accounting Associate
Capital Region Chamber

“I’ve heard nothing but praise for RCSC from members enrolled in the NH Retail Assoc. Credit Card Processing Program. Members are saving money on their processing costs and they rave about the personal, professional service they receive from RCSC staff. This program has definitely been a strong addition to my menu of member benefits.”

Nancy Kyle – President
New Hampshire Retail Association