Free EMV/Contactless Pay countertop terminal when you join

Your customers are using chip credit cards. Make sure you’re not leaving yourself liable for chargebacks. Get an EMV and Contactless Pay enabled countertop terminal valued at $500, FREE when you join RCSC’s program.

EMV Facts

  • EMV is a global standard for authenticating credit/debit card transactions using cards with embedded computer chips
  • EMV card transactions are all given a unique identifier, preventing fraudsters from using stolen card data at a later date, unlike the static data used by magnetic stripe cards
  • Acceptance of EMV cards requires the use of an EMV-enabled terminal or POS system
  • Merchants using EMV-enabled terminals avoid having liability shifted to them by banks and card companies for fraudulent transactions
  • Read more about EMV >


Vx520 credit card processing terminal with card inserted

About the VeriFone Vx520 terminal

  • EMV-enabled countertop terminal
  • Small footprint and a unique communication port area keeps your point-of-sale neat and uncluttered
  • Easy-to-use interface, including a backlit screen and keypad for use in low-light situations
  • Ethernet capable for faster transactions
  • FUTURE-PROOF: Features internal PINPad and is Contactless payment ready


RCSC’s credit card processing program is a major benefit to businesses. In addition to providing unmatched customer service, we offer competitive rates, discounted paper supplies, and low-cost processing equipment to our customers. What’s more, this all comes with no set-up fees, annual fees or training fees! Request a free no-obligation savings analysis online, or contact Nicholl or Carly for your savings analysis at (800) 442-3589 or