We are the Vermont Retail & Grocers Association’s payment & software experts.

From surcharging to POS and e-commerce — we have you covered.

We know you’re tired of paying high credit card processing fees. We’ve found a fully compliant, customer-friendly surcharging program that allows you to pay $0 for accepting credit cards.

With options for accepting payments in person, in office and online, there’s a solution for your business. Required signage is provided, and there are no monthly fees or contract.

In person, in office, online payments

Pricing examples:

Sell $100 on a credit card receive $100 in your account

  • You pay 0%
  • Your customer’s fee is 3.50%

Sell $100 on a debit card → receive $98.75 in your account. 

  • You pay 1% plus $0.25*
  • Your customer’s fee is 0%

Accepting credit cards at no cost has never been easier. 

Find the perfect POS for your business. 

Point-of-sale softwareHaving the right point-of-sale software and hardware is crucial. We have software to meet the needs of specialty retail, grocery, food and beverage businesses and more.

Our software can help with:

  • Inventory management
  • Customer and employee management
  • Detailed, real-time sales analytics
  • Integrated payments for a seamless checkout

We provide detailed product demonstrations, installation and training.

If you’re looking for a more mobile option, there’s an app for that!

Our mobile app allows you to:

  • Accept payments on the go
  • Email and text receipts
  • Do basic inventory tracking

Plus, use the virtual terminal to manually enter card information, view transactions by users and generate invoices.

All of the features you need, at a price point you can afford.

Want to keep it simple with stand-alone terminals? We sell Ethernet, Wi-Fi and wireless terminals.

Our terminals accept contactless cards and digital wallets. Terminal brands include Pax, Castle, Verifone and Dejavoo.

RCSC merchants also receive discounts on receipt paper.

E-commerce? Easy.

We know how important it is to sell your products online. If you’re looking for that extra layer of support to get up and running, look no further. One of our Shopify experts can build your e-commerce store.

Shopify logo

Shopify’s features include:

  • Product management
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Shipping management
  • Analytics tracking

Also available: Integrations with Authorize.net, Woo Commerce, Payflow Pro and ePay Now.

“Barrister’s Book Shop has been very happy with the merchant services program handled by RCSC as a member benefit of VRGA. We have been using the program for since 1992 and have had no issues that have not been quickly resolved. The service is great!”

Amy McDowell

Barrister’s Book Shop

South Royalton, VT

“We switched our merchant services to Retail Council Services Corp. (RCSC) in April 2021 and are so happy with the customer service and with the savings we see each month. As a business who processes mainly credit/debit cards, the savings have been huge for us.”

Sarah McAllister and Sonja Grahn Co-Owners

Botanica Florals

Montpelier, VT

Put RCSC & VRGA to work for you.

Contact RCSC — VRGA’s member benefit partner

(518) 465-3586 or info@rcscusa.com


*Commercial debit cards are assessed at a rate of 3.38%