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Digital phone lines play havoc with credit card processing

Many businesses are making the jump to the very popular and highly advertised digital phone service. But give some thought to your credit card processing before making the leap. RCSC frequently receives calls from distressed business owners dealing with issues such as multiple authorizations, duplicate transactions and the inability to batch as a result of converting to digital phone service.
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Credit card processing dial-up terminals are constructed to work with traditional analog telephone lines, which transmit and receive information differently than digital lines. Use of digital phone service with an analog credit card terminal is bound to lead to technical problems – complications about which digital phone service providers don’t appear to be educating customers.

Problems with the digital phone lines don’t always immediately present themselves. A terminal could successfully work using a digital phone line for days, weeks or even months before complications surface. RCSC Member Service Coordinator Nicholl Bautochka suggests you purchase an Ethernet terminal that runs through the Internet to avoid these complications.

“The best and most simple way to avoid the headaches of incompatible technology is to purchase an Ethernet terminal and hook it up to your Internet with a cat-5 cable,” said Ms. Bautochka. “Another option is to re-establish a dedicated analog phone line for your dial-up terminal, though many phone companies are offering digital phone lines exclusively.”

If you have questions about digital phone lines and processing terminals, call RCSC for assistance. Michele and Nicholl can be reached at (800) 442-3589 or

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